Premium Plant-Based Skincare

Inspired by nature. Elevated by science. Sustainable by design.

The bareLUXE Story
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Mom, partner, and ICU physician, Dr. Heather Smith was inspired to introduce bareLUXE Skincare at the height of the pandemic. Part passion, part enterprise, and part coping, she began work to transform her extract blends into refined and luxurious formulations.

Emphasizing corporate ethics and sustainability, the bareLUXE™ brand is set to become a disruptive innovator and push the plastic-free movement into the premium skincare market.
Our Goals

plastic-free ~ fully biodegradable 

compostable ~ recyclable ~ no microplastics

We will harness the power of consumer pressure to drive the demand for anti-plastic packaging options. We challenge other brands to join us.
no plastic waste
Our Products
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cruelty-free ~ vegan ~ sustainable ~

free from all the things

Starting with the most natural and least processed ingredients, our proprietary CoreComplex™ blends each form the base for one of our Elevated Face Oils.

By using Performance Botanicals that work, we have created a line of premium, plant-based skincare products that are more effective than simple carrier oils alone.

Green Beauty. Elevated. 

Free-From All The Things
We don't use ingredients with significant health or safety uncertainty or agricultural controversy. We avoid "Free From" advertising and focus on what we do put in our products. You can read more on our blog - Elevated Simplicity
  • Easy to Read Labels

  • Detailed Ingredient Descriptions

  • Honest & Transparent

Giving Back
Proceeds from every order are donated by bareLUXE to support organizations that work with grassroots and Indigenous communities. We also work to reduce our carbon footprint (and yours).


To develop plant-based,luxury skincare products that are effective while working to revolutionize the cosmetics packaging industry.


We believe passionately that the beauty industry can build communities and leave the earth healthier for the next generation.


Our core values are safety, effectiveness, quality, and sustainability.Our ingredients are sourced ethically and we give back to the community. We acknowledge the traditional history and cultural significance of our ingredients. We will never prioritize profits over values. Our products are tested clinically or in the real-world on people, never animals.