Our Promise to You

All our products are cruelty-free, plant-based/vegan, and ethically sourced. This is non-negotiable! 

At bareLUXE™ we do not accept an all-or-nothing division that identifies ingredients as being safe/unsafe based solely on their origin.  Even the most natural ingredient can still be the "bad one" that you're hoping not to see when reading an ingredient label.

We focus on telling you what's in our products and why it's there. Read our full mission statement here. Our blog also contains articles where we discuss our marketing strategy and beliefs about corporate responsibility.

bareLUXE Ingredient Choices

bareLUXE Formulations

bareLUXE proprietary CoreComplex™ oil blends were developed by our founder, Dr. Heather Smith, using nourishing carrier oils known for their historical and medicinal benefits. Each CoreComplex blend is a unique mixture that targets a specific skin concern. Over time, Heather began to question the power and effectiveness of carrier oils in general. Was there really a noticeable difference if a person uses one oil over another? Were the benefits specific to a single concern, or were face oils all just beneficial overall?

The eureka moment came when Heather discovered that adding oil soluble active ingredients elevated effectiveness dramatically. 

The CoreComplex blends have now each been transformed into the bareLUXE line of Elevated Face Oil Serums by adding carefully chosen Performance Botanicals that work. 

"Face oils are a simple and effective way to moisturize and nourish the skin, but oil serums are more intense and targeted. bareLUXE oil serums are formulated with advanced, active ingredients that deeply nourish, protect, and rejuvenate. So, if you're looking for a more powerful and effective face oil, then oil serums are the way to go."

Dr. Heather Smith

Founder, bareLUXE Skincare

Green Beauty Elevated 

bareLUXE elevated face oil serums




    Our ideal ingredients have a long history of use or a known safety and effectiveness profile. 

    Whenever possible, bareLUXE™ botanical and herbal ingredients are:

    Grown using sustainable farming practices. 

    Plant-based & vegan certified.

    Locally sourced; otherwise sourced globally from producers who ensure safe, ethical, and fair treatment of their employees.

    Never tested on animals (our formulations or the raw materials we use). We don't sell products in countries that require animal testing.
    Our products are free from "Free From" lists...

    Banned ingredient lists are controversial. They are uninformative and contribute to misinformation.

    We are a green brand that produces clean products. Our products are designed for people who want effective, plant-based formulations that contain ingredients that remain close to nature. 

    Our approach is to clearly and transparently tell you exactly what is in our formulations and why it's there. 

    We do not use liquid microplastics. These are ingredients like "carbomer" and some polymers like acrylate copolymer. We're certified by the Beat the Microbead Program to approve our product formulations.

    We avoid soy and palm oils due to the environmental and humanitarian issues associated with their industrial agriculture. 

    Since palm-oil has so many derivatives, we ensure sustainability information is available and best practices are followed.