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Nourishing face oils elevated with high performance botanicals that work.

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Unlock Nature's Full Potential With Our Premium, Plant-based Formulations

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Radiant Glow Elevated Brightening Oil

Illuminate your complexion and help banish dark spots with this brightening Vitamin C oil.

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Bakuchiol Age Support Elevated Face Oil

This multi-award winning Bakuchiol oil serum acts as a natural alternative to retinol.

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Love, Love, LOVE!

"First of all, I love bareLUXE as a company—their integrity, transparency and principled dedication to producing quality, non toxic and sustainable skincare. Not to mention amazing customer service. The Crystal Infused LUXE Polishing Balm is a wonderful addition to their line and I’m thrilled with it..."

Nellie, USA

Great Vitamin C serum

"I’ve been on a look out for a good vitamin c serum for a while and this serum ticks all the boxes. This serum has amazing ingredients, smells lovely and gives my skin a nice glow. I admire Bareluxe’s commitment to using high quality ingredients that work…thank you! This is a staple in my evening routine!"

SP, Canada

Results! Results!

"I am so in love with using this brightening oil. After using it for about two weeks I notice face is more even toned and glowing!! The oil is light, absorbs quickly, smells nice and leave my skin feeling soft. Win!!"

Juliet, Canada

It’s awesome!

"I love how it makes my face feel. This is my first time using face oil and will definitely keep doing it. I use it once a day and considering I haven’t been using it for very long it’s done wonders for my face!"

Kimberley, USA

Love it!

"I love this face oil. I do have oily skin and some face oils can leave a super thick greasy film on my face and this one did not. It moisturized, calmed, and smoothed out my skin."

Staci, USA

My Go To Before Bed Serum

"This is the highest quality bakuchiol oil serum you will find. So many fakes and diluted products out there. BareLuxe is the real deal. Very happy with my continued results since I began using it over a year ago."


Must have in my forever routine

"😍 This oil is awesome. I've been using it for 3 months and my skin loves it. So smooth and more even. Fine lines are less noticeable. Highly recommend!"

D, Canada

Love it so much

"... I am seeing improvement in my skin. At the age of 63, this is not something I’ve ever said about any skincare product. My skin is brighter and I can see the texture beginning to improve. Naturally I appreciate the eco friendly and cruelty free aspects bareLUXE, which is why I chose it in the first place..."

Melinda, Canada

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Advocacy and activism in the fight against plastic waste is our mission.

Transparency and marketing ethics are our core values.

Look at what we've accomplished so far!

When you purchase our products, we donate to these global initiatives.



of pledged ocean-bound plastic cleanup



pledged to be planted by our partners



of pledged coral reef restoration

bareLUXE Northern Rescue Elevated Recovery Face Oil


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You don't need to sacrifice results in order to use clean, nature-inspired products.

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"I worry a lot about the future of our planet and try to do my part through small acts. 

I try to shop local and avoid waste.  I prioritize ethical companies.

I've also simplified my beauty routine with natural and biodegradable products".

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Founder, bareLUXE Skincare

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