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Aging or Sun Damaged

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    Supporting skin at every stage of life is important. These bareLUXE products are designed for those who have concerns about age or sun related skin changes.

    Elevated formulations using performance botanicals that work.

    Building a bareLUXE Serum: Art Meets Science

    At bareLUXE, we are experts in crafting bespoke oil serums that cater specifically to your unique skin type. Each of our serums starts its journey with one of our proprietary CoreComplex™ Oil Blends.

    Developed by our founder, Dr. Heather Smith, these blends are a fusion of select carrier oils, each meticulously chosen for their historical and medicinal properties to address targeted skin concerns.

    But that's just the starting point.

    To make them more effective, we add high-performance botanical extracts and oil-soluble active ingredients, each specifically chosen for their proven ability to deliver real results.

    The elevation of our CoreComplex™ blends with effective active ingredients takes bareLUXE oil serums to a whole new level—making them an indispensable addition to your daily skincare regimen.